Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Parallel Universe Decoded

Space has fascinated mankind since long. With the advent of technology, we constantly get to know the answers to our impending question which have baffled us since long. The dark, mysterious space has generated curiosity since forever. With various missions, expeditions taking place every now and then have tried to quench out curiosity thirst. But some questions are still there yet to be answered. The thought of is we alone in this universe has made many scientists sleep less. With every possible effort to find a cure in this path, we still are just clueless. Yet the internet has somehow found its answer, viral answers though.

Recently a viral news did its round on net exclaiming first ever evidence of another life in a parallel universe. The recent viral hit came from a press release of the Royal Astronomical Society. The study details the possible origins of a cold spot found in the data probing of cosmic microwave background. This relates to the leftover heat from the moment the universe was formed after the big bang. Some possible definition of this cold spot is the result of the collision of two universes slamming against each other billions of years ago. The press release states that the cold spot found could be a result of the collision of between two universes. If the further detailed study is to be done and some new researched are to be found which support this reason could be the next big step in the mankind’s search for a parallel universe and other life.

There may not be tonnes of evidence to prove such claims due to our limited approach and technology which has limited our reach in the space related issues, although these finding may or may not have its true basis of authenticity. This press release was supported by just one man and his study and hence can't be termed credible to reach to any point. None the less, such findings keep cropping up every time till the time someone renowned refutes them. At last, all we can hope is that whatever we come through be of use to us and not harm us.

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