Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Need To Watch Out For ISRO

While ISRO still has a long way to go in the global competition, yet it has been generating positive buzz for itself with its groundbreaking invention which yet put India back again on the global map. India stands apart from other big players. Unlike other countries who carry out such researchers for national purposes, whereas India aims to create newer technology development. Being India's pride, it is in the process of building new and more powerful rockets. The organisation has its eye set towards being counted in the elite ranks of space agencies. Here is few new work on whom we should keep a tab upon.

 1. On June 5 India launched the heaviest yet the best ever GSLV MK III satellite by the name of THE FAT BOY. The powerful rocket has the next generation technology and can carry a huge sum of 640 tonnes setting it at par against previous editions.
2. India's Mars mission: the ISRO’s Mars mission was a huge milestone the red planet in 2014.  By successful launch and work of Mangalyaan propelled the country's reputation. It is still going strong in Mars orbits gathering information and images.
3. India's rocket launched a record number of satellites: an ISRO aircraft recently blew all the existing records by carrying a record number of 104 satellites in a single journey thus achieving another milestone. The polar satellite launch vehicle beat the previous record of 37 satellites by a Russian rocket in 2014. The PSLV launch brought 88 small satellites to orbit for the silicon valley based earth monitoring company planet along with an earth gazing satellite solely for India.
4. ISRO’s second moon mission: India is all set to launch its second moon mission in 2018. The Chandryaan2 named after its predecessor is planned to go to the lunar surface and collect samples of its dirt.
5. ISRo’s robot on Mars and flight to Venus: ISRO is planning to set its robot on Mars surface and then an expedition to Venus in around 2020’s.  The Mars mission is focused on building a lander and safely bringing it to the Mars surface. The mission involves many complexities hence scientists are preparing and planning to make it a successful one.

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