Monday, June 19, 2017

Developing A Child’s Concentration

Raising children is no child’s play

The feeling of raising the next generation may be full of burden and responsibility, but the issues which parents have to face makes this progress nerve wrecking. The job is not easy, to sum up. Children are always characterised by a bundle of mischief and trouble. Working on them sometimes seems so troublesome. They are generally very curious with unharnessed energy. Many parents complain of their child having concentration problems. They easily get bored from things and then shift to other things hence making it difficult for parents to stabilise them. Hence here are few tips to help you increase your child's concentration

1. Playing helps: children learn more by playing. Not with gadgets but my normal regular toys. The games should include those which develops their thinking, skills and knowledge. 
2. Make a comfortable environment: a soothing and comfortable environment allows your child to be themselves hence building their personality. The ambience should not be loud rather soft and soothing.
3. Healthy eating habits: food rich in proteins such as eggs, almonds have the ability to raise awareness and concentration level. Eating junk food or sugar rich food harms child’s development. 
4. Adapting a set routine: A child needs an overall growth hence time should be devoted to each sphere of growth. Strong discipline and routeing should be imposed to utilise time fully and efficiently.
5.Sleeping and mid breaks: mid breaks and rest are known to boost concentration. Bathroom breaks, hunger pangs should be controlled before as they then interfere with the study.
6. Divide work in small bits: a pile of incomplete work looks like a mountain but dividing them into small bits help them to concentrate well as they get the confidence to do them. 
7. Understanding their methodology: every child has different needs. Some learn better by audio, some by visuals. Hence one should analyse their methodology which matches their concentration level.
8. Reward system: everyone hopes for a reward in lieu of their hard work and efforts. Children expect appreciation and praises. Hence they should be regularly appreciated which makes them more dedicated towards their work and concentrate well.

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