Monday, June 19, 2017

Decoding The Enchanter: Space

Space has enchanted various scholars and every citizen alike. Space had over the time created much curiosity with many of its observers left puzzled. The huge sphere called as space has much which is not yet deciphered. Space has a lot to be answered about which is surely gonna spell bound its observers in future years. The mystic spheres, the unanswered phenomenon will create more questions whose answers are yet to be found. Although no one can guarantee you the complete information about space, today you can get to know a few facts about your enchanter. Read on some amazing facts about space and remain ever curious.

1. There are thousands of other planets waiting to be discovered. : apart from eight planets in our solar system, we have 1800 confirmed new world and 3000 other to be officially confirmed. 
2. Your skin of feet peels off in space: in the microgravity environment, astronauts do not use their feet to walk, hence the skin of the feet starts to soften and flake off. Astronauts even need to take off their socks carefully or hence skin flakes may float in the environment.
3. On Venus a day is longer than its year: Venus completes its one revolution in around 224.7 earth days whereas it just rotates on its axis in 243 earth days. Hence making its day longer than its year.
4. The astronauts were placed in a quarantine after returning from the moon: astronauts of Apollo 13 i.e Michael Collins, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin upon their arrival fro the mission to the moon were isolated in a quarantine machine to check if they haven't brought any deadly disease with them.
5. Approximately one million earth can fit inside the sun: since the sun makes up to 99.8% of the total solar system hence one million earth can fit into the sun
6. You experience increased height in the solar system: in the microgravity environment and absence of gravitational push, your spine straightens up and hence your height could increase up to 5cm.
7. Space is not that much far away: space begins from a universal marker of Karman line which is just 100 km from earth’s surface.
8. You can cry in space but your tears won't fall off: due to the absence of gravity our tear drops rather float.
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