Monday, June 19, 2017

A Promising Career In Space Science

With a generation that is earmarked with upcoming future professions like becoming a doctor or an engineer. With the country so obsessed with these professions, pursuing a career in space science still seem off the thoughts. With the advent of technology and lifestyle, myriad alternatives have now found significance. A career in space science is a great option as it provides a budding and esteemed career. If new discoveries about planets and extraterrestrial life fascinate you then a career in space science is surely suited for you.                                
Space technology is a broad term which itself includes astronomy, and astrophysics, planetary atmosphere and aeronomy, earth science and study of the solar system. With the boom in the knowledge about space, space science has further been categorised in cosmology, stellar science, planetary science, astronomy and astrology. In order to pursue a career in space science, one should have strong and thorough command over physics, chemistry and mathematics. Graduate courses could also be taken in the favoured stream of relevant disciplines like space technology which is offered by ISRO or other 4-year B.Tech course or 3-year B.Sc course. Upon obtaining a graduate degree, one can then opt for a postgraduate degree in space science related fields. If you have a knack in a certain subject, then one can also opt for a PhD in it.

Space science has a lot to offer. Depending upon one’s qualifications one can explore job option in ISRO, Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), Hindustan Aeronautical Laboratories (HAL), and National Aeronautical Laboratories (NAL). One can also be absorbed as faculty in universities or committees and can publish papers, guides for publication. Astronomers and astrophysicist can also be absorbed by government/national observatories, space research agencies, science museum and planetarium. Some other employment includes employment in simulation centres, space centre operators, military operations etc. It also offers a great remuneration for budding scientists, where an individual can earn up to ₹2.5 lac per annum.

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